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My work in organisational Knowledge Management, engagement and internal communication started, formally, less than 20 years ago.  But I’ve been capturing, exchanging, evaluating and using  knowledge since my working life began.

As a researcher, then producer and programme editor for the BBC, I would have achieved little without actively collaborating and sharing knowledge with my colleagues and interviewees.  Later,  working in training and course development, I learned far more from course members and fellow tutors than I ever imparted to them.  Moving into websites and intranets opened up a world of fresh opportunities to learn and share. And now, helping organisations to implement and sustain knowledge-working  in their businesses gives me the chance to put all that learning into action – and continue to build on it.

So this blog site is, in some ways, a tribute to all the knowledgeable and patient individuals I’ve encountered, and all the shoulders I’ve left footprints on!

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